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Sunday, November 9, 2008

how to persuade others....

sedikit tips yang saya dapat darik satu buku yang menarik...

1. Give people MORE of what they want, give LESS of what they don’t want.

2. Became INDISPENSABLE by ALWAYS giving ideas. ideas that will increase profit, any ideas that will improve anything,,,,
2.1 look at everything, and try to create IDEAS to improve it.
2.2 SUGGEST your ideas HUMBLY...by asking opinions.. From the people we want to suggest our idea to…

3. promote idea GENERATIONS from your workers, and give them AWARDS.

4. Dont say YES too quickly, and say NO too late. Think first and discard anything that doest give you TIME TO THINK.

5. The worst advice is 'be yourself’. To improve yourself you must change to become a better person...by being your initial self, you’ll be like dinasours..strong in their era, but becoming extinct...

6. DO whatever you have to do
6.1 When it ought to be done
6.2 Whether you like it or not

7. To make people do what you want them to do
7.1. Always agree with them, and let they talk about their opinions first
7.2. Never say your opinions first,
7.3 hear their needs and opinions, and make the data you have from them, to modify their needs, to your own objectives...
7.4 maybe, you should modify your opinions to suit their opinions to make your achieve your OBJECTIVES.
7.5 never state that your opinions are contra to their opinions.
7.6 but always try to convince that you agree with them,
7.7 And in the same time, PERSUADE them and use their reasons to achieve our objectives.

8. Everyone wants to feel, ADMIRED, APPRRECIATED, IMPORTANT, NEEDED....
8.1 to make people do what you want.. make them feel no 8...by 'you know how'
8.2 everyone deserve no 8, so be SINCERE,,,, not hypocrisies.. in praising,,,,

9. Friction causes loss, loss temper, friendship, cooperation and more…
9.1 so do the opposite.. Promote HARMONY…
9.2 HARMONY in your work place…and everywhere in life…
9.3 HARMONY make things easier…

10 To be at the top/successful in your job is to have high: INTEREST, ENTHUSIASM, and OBSESSION toward your job..

11. to be NOTICED, KNOWN and LIKED by everyone,
11.1 in a meeting or in a party or any programs involves peoples, give smile to everybody that look at your way.
11.1 give a friendly nod when your smiling.
11.2 smile with your eyes, look in their eyes
11.3 speak with your eyes…
11.4 people will NOTICED you and start to wonder about your, they will start to KNOW you,,, and you will be LIKED…

12.1 a leader is chosen by his associates not promote himself to lead.
12.2 a leader walk while holding the banner of dreams in front of his associates but not walking behind his associates with a whip….
12.3 a leader build dreams for his associates and make it come true, but not force his associate to fulfill his dreams…
12.5 Real LEADER doesn’t have subordinates, but he has ASSOCIATES….
12.6 NOBODY is working FOR HIM, but EVERYBODY is working WITH HIM
12.7 A leader does not receive praise, he GIVE PRAISE without reservation…
12.8 A leader will have much more cooperation and loyalty, if his associates actually participated to some extent in making DECISIONS and PLANNING for their ORGANIZATION,….
12.9 A leader does not DEMANDS his own way, but LEAD his ASSOCIATES to a BETTER WAY….

12.9.1 IDEAS for IMPROVEMENTS from EVERYBODY in the organization, make sure the organization long last…(and the leader too,..hehe)

13. be a spirit lifter by doing no 8, people will love you

14. Bring good news, always, and let the bad news broadcast it self…people will love you by bringing good news…when you walk in a room…people will say “look, here comes the good news!!!”

15. ACT AS IF ‘whatever you want to be’ and be thankful to god for it…when you act first of what you want to become…what you want to become will proceed….so act first…

16. Always use the two magic words ….. ‘ I like….’ For example : I like the way u dress, I like ur style of work, I like your new hat, I like your opinions…and so on…..people will LIKE you…..

17. obstacles in your journey to become successful are the power generators…the BIGGER the obstacles, the more POWER it will generate for you to achieve your dreams….

18. ada satu ayat mutiara,...'tayar yang berbunyi akan diberikan minyak pelincir (grease)' melambangkan orang yang suka komen akan dilayan kerenahnya,.,,,tapi zaman sudah berubah,,,kalau tayar tu suka berbunyi..kita ganti dengan tayar baru...

19. so jangan banyak komen, tanpa mencadangkan penyelesaiannya...

CRITISME is a type of PRAISE..


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